Friday, November 12, 2004

68H, Jakarta, Indonesia

Drinking tea with Heru, Editor-in-Chief at 68H

I loved the outdoor canteen at the Tempo Centre in Jakarata, home for the radio station 68H. Each lunchtime we ate at a small cafe under the shade of shrubs. Each day were sampled local dishes cooked in front of us. It was wonderful stuff.

Heru, the Editor-in-Chief, and Tosca, the CEO at 68H, wanted to produce more content with fewer staff covering more hours. It boiled down to introducing a new workflow with different shift patterns and a change in responsibilities during those shifts.

A new workflow aimed at saving resources and improving output

It was a model that had worked elsewhere, but, as always, we were able to modify the solution and improve it, not only for 68H, but also for future clients.

Client: 68H
Media Development Organisation: MDLF